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Give a Cheer
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The Process:
I knew I wanted to play with a little mixed media, so I swiped clear gesso over white cardstock with an old gift card. Once it dried, I took a stencil with triangular shapes and just sprayed through it with three different sprays. I flipped the stencil over and pressed the negative into the page, and dried everything thoroughly between each color so I wouldn't end up with mud. That part became the bottom and top bands.

The sprays I used were made from distress stains, water and perfect pearls - except the purple. I made that from a mix of Dr. Ph. Martin's India ink and water (I try to work with what I have).

The next thign that came together was the broad strip down the middle. I didn't have any papers that were quite right. Either the pattern didn't work or the color wasn't right. I liked the circles on this page, but it was mustard yellow. So, I swiped peeled paint Distress Stain over a portion of the page. I lost some of the details of the pattern, but I think it looks better this way.

The whole time I was working on those two strips of paper, I was thinking about how I could embellish these pages. The sketch calls for shapes that break down into cirlces and triangles. The subject of the photos, Bandelier National Monument, is a Native American heritage site, so I borrowed some images common in Native American art - spirals, arrowheads and feathers. The internet gave me some jpegs that I turned into cut files. If I had it to do over again, I'd find a less-intricate spiral because when I scaled it down to 3/4", what I got was a mess.

Most everything is secured with Scotch ATG tape, but the fine details are adhered with Tombow Aqua.

The Photos:
We spent three days in Bandelier National Monument outside Los Alamos, New Mexico back in 2015. When we weren't camping on the ridge, we were hiking in the canyon. Now, I am afraid of heights, but I took the opportunity to challenge myself to do things that terrified me. Like hike the narrow trail with the deadly plunge and no handrail, just to see the waterfall.