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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

A quick page I did from photos I took during my last crop at a LSS (1/29) - and doing the pages I uploaded in January! While at the crop only 5 hours, I got a lot done and part of the reason was my choice of music. I have a playlist specifically for scrapping which is mostly chill music (read: a lot of DMB), but I just wasn't in the mood that day or it wasn't working for once. So I switched to my hard rock mix and BAM - motivation kickstarted! During the crop I sent this pic to my best friend, who was my long-time concert buddy back in 'the day' and said 'I'll bet I'm the only one in here listening to Korn and Metallica.' She cracked up, loving it like I knew she would. And I'm sure I was... So I wanted to document the occasion.

This is my Scraplift the Person Before You and is a loose-Lift as I call it of PamStewart.Iowa's page "Christmas Day" LO seen here:

I liked her large photo with the four little ones next to it and the border.... and the clean bg. I obviously failed the 'clean' bg bit, but I did get the rest! LOL I took some pix of the screen on my iPhone that day and shrunk them down so I could include on the page. I have three or four more screenshots I might add if I feel so inclined, but probably not. The point is made I think!

This is also for Cricut, Girls Only, Music - Wk 3: Artist, National __ Day and my Hoarders challenges. I used my Gypsy and Cricut for the title, headphones and ipod (When I was a Kid), and guitar and music notes (Life of the Party). I even used the negative from the little music note on the ipod to 'stamp' little music notes around the page. I chose National Super Bowl Day because I was working on this while sort of watching the game yesterday (and I'm cheesed off the Patriots won!), but I also thought this applied to National Day The Music Died Day, even though it is as far off from the artists the day inspired as you could get! LOL! Also, since I listed several artists, this made it in week 3 of the Music challenge for Artist.

This was also originally for the January Music Inspiration bonus song "Beautiful Thing" but I didn't make it in time. I utilized 'Beautiful' for the title by using the Beautiful Dreamer line from Bo Bunny... which has been hoarded in my stash, untouched for about a year now! One of those things I 'had' to have for girl pages when I had my DD! hehehe