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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I made this configuration book honoring my dad. A couple of his personal belongings that were handed down to me are included. A ring of his, and the rosary that was passed down to him by grandma, and now down to me. I simply tacked these items in, so that they can be easily removed if I want to use them. There are so many other meaningful things that I have included here. The "Shaw", box has a vial in it that I will fill with dirt from his boyhood home. Shaw was his favorite place on earth to be. He loved to travel, but Shaw was home. The scrabble tiles spelling out "dad", is because we both loved the game, and to this day, he is the only one has ever won me. He loved turquoise, so I had to include the turquoise button that you see with the rosary. The flannel washi tape, because he lived in his comfy flannels. The bird and bird buttons, dad loved nature and watching the birds from his window when he couldn't be out enjoying it. The car, remembering how patient he was with me while teaching me to drive. Our father/daughter dance at my wedding...the list goes on. Everything I added means something to me. I have a little fishing pole embellishment that needs to be added yet. This book would not be complete without something having to do with fishing. I love and miss you so much, dad