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This is a fun layout of some of the little lessons I picked up from my trip around Brazil in 2005. Some of the journaling is obviously from situations that occurred on the trip, which was with a group of fellow students and professors.


~No stress. Go with the flow. Slow down and enjoy the moment.
~2 hour lunches are normal
~Even if the guide tells you to put that plant in your mouth, DONíT!
~Desperate times call for desperate measure: you can only hold it for so long.
~Donít talk loudly for the entire 2 Ĺ hour flight in a very small plane. Itís annoying.
~Just because a sweet looking woman is holding your hand and seems to be blessing you doesnít mean sheís sincere.
~Some people are just not like you. Deal with it. Learn from it.
~Donít go on a long hike in extremely hot weather on your first day in a foreign country. Itís called acclimating. DO IT!
~Laughter is universal.
~Coffee is meant to be really strong.
~Be proud of your body. Itís what God gave you.
~Sangria is always best after four days of hiking in the Amazon.
~Lasagna does not mean the same thing in all countries.
~Everything is better with sugar on it.