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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

A layout created to reflect the glow and glitter of the Swarovski Tree in the Queen Victoria building in Sydney. It goes from the basement to the ceiling on the third level. It is a must stop and see on our yearly visit to the city for the lights and Christmas decorations. Not sure I'm thrilled with the layout but it is what it is. The photo on the left reads
"The tree took 102 people 44 hours to bring to life. It's 6.5 Tonnes of Christmas delight.
65150 lights that sparkle bright and 82000 crystals that shine day and night."
It really is a magnificent tree and something to see. It is the one tree I know my youngest son will go to see willingly and even wants to climb up to the top floor to view. The bottom photo of the three on the right is the view looking down the tree. The circle photo focuses on one of the crystal clusters. They are all Swarovski crystals. Very beautiful and opulent. Used a Bella range of papers called Got hitched.