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pull out tag with journaling says:

Christmas never quite felt like Christmas until we got to my Grandmotherís house in Lauderdale, Mississippi. As a child, we would often have to travel to get there and that meant spending the night. I have so many memories of this from all of the cousins piling all over couches and beds to grab their sleeping place to the little boxes of fruit loops story books we got without fail every year when little. As we got older, the gifts changed and I remember so many pieces of jewelry given to me by my GrandmotherÖmany that I still have. You can travel the world and not find a better cole slaw, ambrosia or marshmallow salad. Those foods and my motherís dressing feel like the Holidays. Even now as a grown woman with my own kids I see the Holiday decorations going up right after Halloween, but it just never quite feels like Christmas until I get to my Grandmotherís and see my cousins and family. My children know her as BB and get just as excited. There must be something special in the double-wide trailer. It has seen many years of love and laughter. These steps have had many a picture taken and through the years as the family grows they just seem to get bigger to fit us all.