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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

In response to Heather's Dec. sketch challenge.

Journaling Reads:

We invited Alijah, Heather, Frankie and Joanne over to build gingerbread houses. Too bad we didn't read the instrucitons before we started or we might have known that after constructingthe walls and roof of the house, you are supposed to let the icing dry for 2 hours -- who has 2 hours to wait? So we iced the sides, they fall down, we iced some more and try to juggle four sides with only two hands. Hmmm ... harder than we thought. Finally, the house was dry enough to decorate. I think the kids ate just as much of the candy as they used to decorate. In the end, we had 3 complete houses and 3 very happy, messy kids!