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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Never made a loaded envelope before, but my mother has recently been making them for swaps. I thought for a gift I would surprise her with one from me. I found a beautiful image of a little girl by the ocean, and thought of my mother's love of the sea. I wanted to gear it toward that same feel but also still utilizing the very femme papers.

I have to say that these are pretty difficult to make. Time consuming. However, the most difficult task I had was hiding it from her...considering all the goodies are from my mother's scrap stash. So I've spent the last three days deep undercover in my most elite 007...trying to sneak in and out nabbing things and keeping it from her "eagle eyes". I think honestly I should get one of those "everybody's a winner" trophies for that alone! LOL

I definitely have to give props to the ladies who throws these things out like they're easy peasy....'cause it's effort I'll tell ya that. But I love my Marmie...and she's always worth the effort...ya know.