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Had one of the coolest adventures of my life. Drove 12 hours to be with my girl, Sandi, for her surgery and take care of her after. CTM Carla and we've been friends for 6 years, since our kids signed up for the US Marine Corps. She's actually stationed in Japan herself and came home to have this surgery done. I was thrilled to be there for her and loved meeting the rest of her family. Surgery was a success and we had a great time together too. CBJ's Pandemonium is the perfect kit to describe our time.
title: 2018-08-27 pre-surgery cbj_pandemonium
credits: cbj_pandemonium,
keywords: created by jill, friends, together, surgery, chaos, purple, green, black, tan
font: Advert, Anke Calligraphic FG
program: PSE