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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Here's my second oldest son Caleb, enjoying his present from us of a boomerang. He went to the park and tried and tried to get the boomerang to go out and then come back like the instructions had said that came with it, and thought it couldn't be done! So off went Dad to the park to see what was the problem. Of course Daddy got it to go out and around and caught it on the return path!! A pretty neat skill requiring a modicum of "no fear" as those things get up some pretty mean speed! His baseball training mayhave had some influence there. The boomerang was a huge hit with Caleb! It's extremely hard to buy presents for teens!! Of course the boomerang went up a tree, LOL!! But along comes Dad to the rescue again and up he went into the tree pulling up his weight and worried a little that the tree branch would break, but managed to get the boomerang, yippee!!