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I decided to scrap a photo of my daughter's rats, munching on some pieces of asparagus. I wanted to tell the story from their perspective of the first time that they ate (or didn't eat!) asparagus. After I typed out their dialogue, I knew that the title needed to be dramatic- they are named after Shakespearian characters after all!
Kits: La Vie En Rose - Add On Mini Kit — by Laitha
La Femme — by ViVa Artistry
Fonts: streetlight, Problem Secretary Normal, Candy Buzz BTN Pea Tiffany, Suthejo Script Alterna...
Olivia: We knew it was going to be a celebration when we got pieces of asparagus for the first time.
Titania: No we didn’t. We didn’t know what to think. It smelled funny to me.
Cordelia: At first, we didn't think we were going to like it.
Olivia: Is that why Cordelia kept taking it from the rest of us?
Titania: I was enjoying my piece until Cordelia took it from me and threw it out the window of our house!
Cordelia: That was an accident, I didn’t mean to throw it out the window. Lucky shot, I guess!
Olivia: It's a good thing that our Mama brought us more the next day. That was an even better day because then we knew we were going to like asparagus!