Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Lola was a sweet and beautiful dog. She was also a Diva and had quite the personality. She loved to run and play and was very athletic but she also liked to be pampered and fussed over. She was being fostered by Lysa the president of Turbokees but she was harassing and bothering Her dog Boogie and so she came to us to be fostered. I am not certain of whether she was an owner surrender or found as a stray, She was young and healthy and did not seem to have been mistreated.
She became obsessed with Copper and would not leave him alone, she followed him everywhere. I remember he used to love to jump off the bed in the morning and yell at Vince when he left for work. He stopped for awhile after we Lola arrived. He would for the edge prepare to jump down and see her and then he would go back and lay down. He was allowed on the bed and she was not and that was his Lola free zone. She was always trying to get Copper to play with her but he had no interest in that. He actually lost his temper a few times with her because he just wanted to be left alone. (Copper was a very sweet and kind soul and was very Zen he mostly wanted to be left alone and it was this quality that allowed me to foster in the first place)
I remember we went on a vacation in Michigan and we had Lysa watch Lola for that week. I will never forget the look on Coppers face when I brought Lola back. He just gave me this WHY MOM, WHY look. He was never mean to Lola but she just would not leave him alone.
Fortunately, Lola was adopted shortly after that. She went to a great home in Indiana with a large fenced in back yard and a Keeshond brother to play with. They spoil her and treat her like the Diva that she is and I am happy for her. She is very sweet with lots of personality. I liked her a lot but I was also happy when she was adopted (although not as happy as Copper), and I am thrilled she has a great home now.