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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

I'm loving the creative freedom that my Monthly Art Journal gives me. Since creating on a daily basis is difficult for me with my schedules, this monthly journal is definitely my sweet ticket to art freedom:)
Each month conveys something very special to me. I wasn't able to load all of them in a monthly order.
This picture is very dear to my heart. My father was diagnosed with Lupus at such a very young age. He was sick the day this picture was taken. It was my sister's birthday, June 8th 2015. I can always get my father to laugh no matter how he's feeling. My ( Daddy ) has always been my rock ! He's my hero:) I'm so thankful he's still with us!

Thank you, sweet LC for the great twine! :)
Thanks for stopping by and taking a peek.
Blessings ~Robin:)