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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Title is Whats the meaning of Christmas?

This is another LO using a pic from my truth or dare Challenge.

Journaling reads:

That phrase should be completed with something like sharing, giving yourself to others, reflecting.
A couple of the years ago, I was hit by the idea that the Christmas spirit had abandoned me.
Today, I'm not so sure. Now, the simpe fact of putting ornaments into my house or putting the tree overwhelms me, and to see lights up in houses or stores since early October drives me crazy. The date has been commercialized and lost many of its meaning.
When I was little, on the night of the 23 I could hardly sleep because of all the exciment. Now, the 24 comes around and I'm not even aware of it.
There were some estrong, sad, terrible Christmas, with crying and fights, or little tragedies, like the '97 Christmas.
Withourt me being able to do something, these days usually bring me back to those, that somehow seem so distant.
In this moment, I think I see Christmas as an oportunity to see my whole family toguether, to eat with them; all of them at the same time, to see the illusion and hapinness of the smaller ones and to be able to hug each and everyone of them, and tell them how I feel.

Letters: By heidi Swapp