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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is my friend’s daughter, Mandy. She has no fear at all, whether rock climbing or spelunking (caving). She recently injured herself and so I am making a special album for her. My friend has supplied me a number of awesome pictures and so I now begin!
In order to really appreciate this layout, you must look at page 2. You will notice that this figure (person) is only about 7 years old. Can you believe it??? This is amazing to me!!

Journaling says:
Rock Climbing Adventure, Bold, Brave, Daring, Adventure.
Also the definition of Rappelling: “Rappelling is the practice of sliding down a rope in a controlled manner. There are several ways to rappel; the safest and most common way is with the use of a harness, locking carabineer and a belay device. The rope is fed through the device to add friction as the person controls the rate of descent. Climbers, Spelunkers and others use rappelling to safely descend steep slopes and rocks. Also Known As: rapping and abseiling. Alternate Spellings: rapelling”