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This is my nephew, Ryan and his dog Buster. Incredibly sad story behind this page I gave him.

Omg! This is the saddest page I have ever made. I cried over it a couple of times. I probably left a couple of tears on it. So this is my nephew and his son, Buster. They were tied at the hip. One night Ryan calls me in distress about Buster being in an emergency vet hospital. They were treating him with antivenom because he was found on the ground convulsing and foaming at the mouth. Ryan never left the hospital. At one point he went out to his truck to try and sleep. He asked me to go in the morning to be there with him. I did and the weird thing is that this hospital is only open at night. So the plan was to transport Buster to another vet a couple of miles away. And at this time, Buster wasn't doing any better, he was worse. He was struggling to breathe and in pain. No one could figure out what was wrong with him. I was going to do the drive while they were in the backseat. God knows I broke all sorts of traffic laws but I didn't care. Hearing him to struggle to breathe and my nephew pleading with him to hold on....I was pretty much losing it. I went right up to the door honking my horn like a bat out of hell and parked the car (and no that wasn't a parking spot). I ran in screaming for help. Finally they payed attention to what was happening. They got a call before we left the hospital so they were ready for Buster. They looked him over, gave him oxygen and called us back in. So here I am being Ryan's rock. And I cry watching Lassie and the Homeward Bound, but I was keeping it in. They convinced us to leave and still no one could figure out what was wrong with him. I insisted for Ryan to go and talk to Buster and tell him that he would be back if there was any change. After I left I broke down. I really couldn't handle seeing poor Buster like that and realizing that things weren't looking that good. Then watching my nephew like that destroyed me. He really needed his mom (another long story for another time) not me, but I would do anything for him and I went and tried my best. I had a very long ride home. living 60 miles away. And I was close to home when he called me to let me know Buster went to Heaven. I almost threw up and I balled the rest of the way home and throughout the rest of the day. No one knows what happened. Best guess was a recluse spider got him. I made this page for him and framed it. It is on the wall above Buster's empty bed :'(

I just wanted to thank all of my old friends on this site who continue supporting me even after so much time has passed. Your comments and visits are priceless to me.