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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

So much snow
It snowed all day
So of course we had
To go out and play

The snow was so cold
And white and deep
Everything looked like
Fluffy sheep

It snowed and snowed
Then snowed some more
A winter wonderland
To explore

It snowed all day the Sunday before Kaitlyn's third birthday. And not just a few flakes here and there, but heavy snow with stopping! I've never seen it snow so hard for so long down here. Rachael only went to school one day that week (on Kaitlyn's birthday) because it was so cold the sand wasn't melting the snow and the roads were disastrous. Apparently no one's heard of a snow plow?
Darcy and Gord went outside to play with the girls and Gord lost his cell phone in the snow. We tried phoning it but couldn't hear it because it was buried under the snow. The following Friday, almost two weeks later once the snow was mostly melted away, I saw something black in the grass and, sure enough, there was Gord's cell phone. He dried it out and it still worked!