Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I created this wall effect by strategically cutting the piece of brick wall paper so the photos could be slid into the paper to create the illusion of me coming through the wall.

Miles 18-22 of a marathon is the most common point where runners hit "the wall", that psychological, but very real, barrier. You're getting tired, you're burning through the last of your stored glycogen and you literally start to feel that you can't possibly run another 8.2 miles. But, like everything in life, if you persevere and stay strong, you can climb over or bust through that wall and the satisfaction of finishing and reaching your goal makes those difficult and challenging moments worth conquering.
I felt it was worth documenting the tough, less enjoyable part of my first marathon, not just the glossy, successful parts. In truth, I was feeling miserable at this point, struggling with self doubt and annoyed that I was "failing", I know I definitely used lots of four letter words that my mother would not approve of as I struggled through miles 18-22, but that experience showed me that I am stronger than I gave myself credit for. This was the true success for me, because overcoming my self doubt and pushing on is what got me my "win" and over the finish line.
Yes, I have gone on to run other marathon (and beyond) distances, each event teaching me something new about myself, but this moment is the most memorable, defining one, because without it, I probably would not have continued distance running, which would have been sad, because it has bought so many good things and great memories to my life.

Footnote: I have gotten very behind with my scrapbook projects due to the amount of time I spend running, but then "the 'rona" happened and all my races are being cancelled, so I will have more time to spend on my other love, scrapping :-).