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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I pulled out the old alcohol inks which I haven't messed around with in many years. I also played around with some sharpies and some other pens I suspected were alcohol based. I also used a Yupo pad I got from Art Snacks a couple of years ago. It's 2.5" X 3.5" I also used rubbing alcohol (RA) in a spritzer and Blending Solution (BS) straight from the bottle.

The top middle painting has some bright magenta sharpie with alcohol inks on top in red, blue, and purple.

The one on the bottom middle has yellow sharpie and yellow alcohol ink with pearl mixative on the bottom corner. I think the mixative has gone bad or something. The blue on that painting has some red Copic marker and blue spectra marker. Both reacted to rubbing alcohol, but the blending solution really moved them around.

The painting on the bottom right was done with alcohol inks with (RA) on a paint brush. Then on top I used that Krink marker which didn't seem to react to the RA or BS. So I tried a Prismacolor Premier marker to fill in some of the circles. The RA didnít do much, but the BS did. It was fun to play around with them again.

I think I will try using them on acetate and other surfaces next. I also want to try them with some acrylic ink to see how they react with each other. Lastly, I may try them with Jane Davenportís Mermaid markers which have a water soluble ink.