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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Another Cosmo Cricket paper layout - I love this stuff!
The journaling reads:
Wanted: Abigail Whispers in the Bark
Crime: Eating horse apples every chance she gets!
2nd Degree Crime: Loves to give kisses!
Facts of the case:
Abby loves to go for walks with me in the pasture. This is when the above noted crime is committed every chance she gets. She is often caught int he act of said crime and use to be good at dropping the evidence upon command. However, she has resorted to the snatch, grab and wolf down technique - totally ignoring the "drop it" command! The 2nd degree crime is committed afterwards once inside and often to unsuspecting innocent bystanders.

The apple I cut out from MS Clip Art on cosmo paper.