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Give a Cheer
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Give a Cheer

I had this fun idea to fill an advent calendar with scrapbook challenges so each day I had to design something - pieces that would eventually theme up into a layout, or a quick page challenge using 1-2-3 1 journal tag/2 stickers/3 photos, etc.
Has anyone ever seen a blog post or have a list?
If not, will y'all help me create one by listing 24 christmas themed "quick" projects that could be done within an hour? I would love to fill my advent calendar with it today and start tonight with an hour of scrapping once my household is asleep!
I would print out the ideas, fold them up and randomly stuff them in the advent calendar drawers.
I received this as a gift many years ago and this is the year I am finishing or using (or donating) all unfinished projects! I would love to have a yearly tradition to scrap daily in December. I am proud I already emptied one storage bin of garland, ornament balls, bells and created hanging displays for ends of curtain rods all around my house!
I want to fill the middle with a collage of favorite "crafting" christmas memories so I plan to scan in artwork and paper plate trees my son has built and print out smaller versions. Will post the after later this month when I finish!