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15 years ago, in July of 2005, I made an album as a gift for my dear daughter for her bridal shower. My DD keeps this album, but I found the photos of the album pages in my computer. Some of pages look pretty primitive, but they are so valuable for me as a memory about my young years and my sweet, beautiful, intelligent, patient, kind, loving and beloved daughter.
My DD graduated from the University California of San Diego (UCSD). She got MS in the computer science and she still works in the computer security. Do you know how she got her first job? That's pretty funny. My DD came to the company for her interview, the interviewer did not ask her anything, but provided a computer with a website that had 10 levels of the security. He said if she hacks the site for 3 hours, she will get her job. Why? To secure the computer date, it's necessary to understand how it can be hacked. And she did it!