Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I just happened to get this shot of my son yesterday while he was eating a cookie. When I looked at the picture, the first word that popped into my mind was irresistible. So, I decided to do a layout about it! Also, the "t" is in a circle to represent "T" for Trent and the "2" has the grommet around it to highlight the fact that he is 2-years old.

[b]Irresistible.[/b] Yes, you are irresistible, like cookies. And also like cookies you are…
[b]Sweet.[/b] You have such a sweet personality. I love when you give me your sweet kisses—and you give me several daily—and I love how you say, “yes mommy.” when I ask you something.
[b]Messy.[/b] You are also messy. Whenever you eat, food is everywhere. You take playtime quite seriously and hate to be bothered with cleanup duties. Maybe it’s a sign of creativity!
[b]Smart.[/b] You are one smart cookie—as the saying goes. For example, you remember what is going to happen on the next page of the book after hearing it only once before; you form complete sentences and speak clearly; you hide a secret stash of ya-ya’s (eta: his pacifiers) from your daddy inside your pillow case; and when I “look at the hippo” you say, “no mommy, hippopotamus!”
[b]Warm.[/b] You are a warm and kind person. I am constantly amazed at your natural ability to comfort others. Often, you just do simple things like smile at a stranger; offer a hug to a little baby; say to Grandma, “you so pretty;” or the way you learn and remember everybody’s names.
Yes, Trent, your mommy finds you and cookies quite irresistible. After all, who wouldn’t? 1/30/07

[u]Products Used:[/u]
[b]Making Memories[/b]
Cheeky patterned paper- Emery line
Cheeky ribbon trims- Emery
Aluminum Gromets
Neutral cheeky board clips
Cheeky jigsaw alpha- circle plain
Paint: red wagon and chocolate
Kids fresh stickers-sam
Leather label holders plain red
Woven corners-all american
Small brads
Rub ons: Mixed brite, rummage large black, heidi large white uppercase

[u]Other products:[/u]
Bazzill white cardstock
Transparency by 3M
Machine Sewing
AMM Chocolate ink
Fonts: Suzie's hand and PT script lightning