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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

For the past five years, my BFF and I have spent an annual vacation together attending a Buck Brannaman clinic somewhere that is relatively easy for us both to get ourselves and our horses to. It's harder than you'd think, considering she lives in southern Wisconsin and I live in central Oklahoma, but we have made a commitment to each other to FIND the time to have a "girls weekend" doing something we both love and learning a little bit (ok, ok, learning a LOT) in the process. Both of us love these clinics, not just for the horsemanship skill we learn, but they just help make us better PEOPLE. It's sort of like going to a spa or something.

The first four years, we both traveled to St. Louis, which is about half-way between us. The venue there is great, but St. Louis is a hard place to navigate with a horse trailer.

Last October, I took an entire 10 days and hauled two horses to Wisconsin and spent the week at Erica's house. It was a hard haul, but it was worth it, and we signed up to do another one in Wisconsin in October 2021.

Shortly after getting home from Wisconsin, I learned that for years Buck has been coming to OKLAHOMA the last weekend of every February. I don't know how I didn't know this, but as soon as I learned about it, I called Erica and asked her how she felt about doing another clinic so soon after our last one. Weather being what it is in February (in Wisconsin and Oklahoma both), she wouldn't have to haul a horse down - she could just ride one of mine if she wanted to. Of course she was all in favor of the whole idea, assuming I could get us in. I called the clinic hosts and miracle of miracles they had slots for both of us, so we signed up and got ourselves all excited about going.

And then -- February hit with two record snowfalls inside five days of each other, temperatures hovered around zero, and wind chills were in the negative 30's. Oklahoma pretty much shut down for the two weeks right before our clinic weekend. We bit our nails and hoped that by the 25th, the roads would be clear and the weather would be cooperative. We lucked out. The sun came out on the Monday before I had to haul two horses up to Pawhuska, OK and by Thursday the temperatures were a mild mid 50's.

We had an absolutely fantastic time. Buck remembers my name - not sure why since he sees about 2,500 people a year in his clinics, but I suspect it has something to do with my turquoise riding helmet. I definitely stand out in an arena full of cowboy hats! (LOL). I got some help with Titan, my current lesson horse, and Erica had a great time working with Java, who needed an attitude adjustment and Erica is just the one to help her with that. And yes, we signed up for next year. So now, I guess, we are officially Buck groupies - two clinics a year isn't as many as SOME of his followers, but it's one more than MOST of them.

Buck told me that he expects to see a lot of progress on my horse by October. Not that I'm feeling any pressure about that or anything .... (yikes!)

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**Papers are from BoBunny's Life In Color which was a 2017 release.**