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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

The year is 2018. The location is some random sugar cane field in south Louisiana. The reason... that's going to take some telling.

My mom is winding down, wearing out, and she's just not going to be here much longer. Her body hurts. She's lonely. She misses my dad.

Somewhere along the way, she got the idea that she wanted to go to Pensacola Florida and see the beach again. It was the first place she and my dad were stationed after they got married. She kept talking about it and talking about it, and when she gets an idea in her head she's like a dog with a bone.

Pensacola wasn't going to be in the cards, however, because in October of 2018, the entire coast was dealing with the remains of Hurricane Michael, which had hit Florida particularly hard. Her brother made the suggestion that we go to Dauphin Island in Alabama, which meant we could go see her friend Sally in Gulfport, and before I knew it, Mom was RARING to go to Alabama.

So I took a week of vacation and we did a Thelma and Louise road trip thing and headed to the gulf coast. She wanted us to take her car because it's comfortable. She wanted to eat gulf coast seafood. She wanted to talk about her memories. She wanted to stop and look at things that she remembered. She wanted to smell the air. She wanted to see the ocean. She really just wanted to go back to a time that doesn't exist anymore.

I'm glad we did it. This trip was an easy thing that I could do for her.

Ok. I'm lying. It was HARD. It was impossibly hard. She's my mom. She's bossy. She's opinionated. She's picky. She only talks about things she wants to talk about and she doesn't let anyone finish a sentence ever. She doesn't want to drive, but she wants to tell YOU how to drive. How fast to go, pass this car in front because he's going too slow. Slow down around this curve. How fast are you driving, can you slow down, can you speed up. It's non-stop and it's enough to send you around the bend.

But she's my mom. And we did it. We ate our way all the way from north to south through Louisiana, across to Gulfport, and down to Dauphin Island. We walked on the beach. We took pictures of our feet in the surf. And she remembered that she hates sand.

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