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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Here was where I WANTED to go with this but couldn't because of space limitations, so I ended up journaling it on the back - which always seems to be the way things go for me.

This is just a snapshot of a beautifully ordinary day in my life. The people around the table are my family - with the exception of my mom who isn't pictured. We all love Goldie's Hamburger Joint, so whenever Tom and I manage to get to Tulsa, there's never really a question about where to eat. It's always Goldie's.

Even though there are just six people in the photo, there are, by my count, 22 different relationships.
2 moms
2 mother-in-laws
2 husbands
2 wives
2 sisters
2 daughters
2 granddaughters
1 brother-in-law
1 son-in-law
1 sister-in-law
1 daughter-in-law
1 father-in-law
1 dad
1 son
1 grandma

Sadly, not long after this photo was done, grandma went into memory care and not long after that we quit being able to take her out for dinner because it didn't do anything but confuse and agitate her. She's still strong and healthy physically, but we all miss her presence around our family dinners.

This is my Anything Goes Weekly Challenge #13 (Folklore and Fairytales Week) project.

Specs were ~
#1. Theme ~ We had a 12 item list to work with for March, using one of the "theme" choices for each week with no repeats. The first week was easy, and there were plenty to pick from even through the end. This week I went with "Beautifully Ordinary"

#2. Photos ~ had to include AT LEAST TWO GENERATIONS of your family.

#3. Papers ~ Select papers that have a "cultural" feel to them. I routinely put papers together in kits, so it was really great to find this collecting sitting in my paper stacks. I'd put the paper punch in with them, so I was able to get the basic structure of this one done quickly.

#4. Design ~ Use a sketch from page 20 or 21 of the SB dot come sketches gallery. I pulled this one from page 21.

#5. Technique ~ use speech bubbles on your layout to give it a "story telling" feel. This was the part I had the most trouble with. Speech bubbles don't really fit my "vintage style" go to, but once I got to the "extended" part of the title, things were pretty easy to finish up.