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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is my entry for the Feb. Significant Other challenge. The journaling says--
"To my love,
Words can't describe how I feel for you. A layout couldnt do it justice.
A year ago when we started this journey, I never imagined we'd be here. We may not have a lot of money, or a lot of fancy things. We don't have a beautiful house or nice cars. We don't even own our own home. You put up with me no matter what, just like I would expect you to. I try my hardest to give back to you, just like you give to me, but sometimes with not a lot of income, it's hard. But my gifts always come from my heart. Most importantly, I always try to show with every hand-made gift that you steal my heart every day, just like you did the first time I spoke to you. You make me smile, just like a husband should. The best gift you could have ever given me was Isaac, and I hope one day you can give him a brother. (Not TOO soon though!)
The point of this is to give a little back to you. I hope this dedication to you shows you a little bit of how I care. I may not show it all the time but I really do feel that way. And this Valentine's Day, I want you to know that I don't want a gift (and if you insist, I don't want an expensive gift, or anything very big.) I just simply want a nice dinner at home, and a night out with you. You are the most wonderful thing in my life, and I love you with all my heart."