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ArtPlay Palette Bliss
FotoBlendz Overlays No. 11
Postage Frames No. 1
MultiMedia Suns No. 2
Food WordART Mix No. 1
Assemblage Overlays No. 1
- all by Anna Aspnes

Photo: my own

Font - Traveling Typewriter

Recipe from the Swedish blog Vegokäk, translated in the Vegetarian/Vegan Thread in the forum:

How I did it:
Used a paper from the Palette as background, added 2 of the photo masks from FotoBlendz, and layered them a bit on top of eachother to create a big photo from top to bottom of the page. Added the photo, duplicated it, and clipped to the 2 photo masks. Changed the blend mode on one of the photo masks to Linear Light, and kept it at 100%. Added the transfers under the photos and played around with the layers' blend modes and colors - giving it a bit of an orange tint to match the photo. (Complete lost track of exactly what I was doing LOL) Added the tiny frame, duplicated the frame and duplicated the photo again, and clipped into the frames. Added the overlay, the text and decorations. Finally, I ended up duplicating all the photo layers again, and added blend mode Soft Light to all the top layers to give the photos an extra POP.

Layout inspired the layout The Art of Food by pmjames available here:

Tried to mimic her style and creativity, but also show the same love of food by scrapping my all-time favorite recipe.