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Give a Cheer
Give a Cheer

Since I joined this community last year I have been so lucky to get to know few of you ladies here. WOW some of you girls are just amazing persons. Tracey (Tjvalentine) is one of the most amazing and sweetest person that I have gotten to know little bit here. I commented on one of her beautiful bookmarks. It was a Tinkerbell (Peter Pan) bookmark. My DD has a Tinkerbell doll and loves Peter Pan and I wrote that in the comment. She sent my DD one to keep :-) You should have seen the look in my DD eyes when we got it in the mail today. She had stars in her eyes. She just held it and said mommy this is so beautiful then she looked at the ribbon on top and said WOW mommy see this...this is SO BEAUTIFUL (know I know she will love ribbons just like me when she starts to scrap). I was so proud when she turned the bookmark and looked at the other side of it and after 20 sec she said it has my name on it (She is 3 1/2 years old) I was so proud of her.

One funny story then my girlfriend called me and then suddenly my DD said can I speak to the phone and I handed her the phone and she said: I love my Tinkerbell bookmark it is so beautiful and handed me the phone back :-)

Thanks Tracey - the beautiful bookmark it made my DD so happy and I was like a little child holding it (I had something in my hand from one of my scrappers Idol...how COOL is that).