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Give a Cheer
This image was printed from:
Give a Cheer

Journaling reads:
"“Daddy held the position of Chief of Section of an Antiaircraft Fire Unit of 15 men for most of his time in foreign service. Antiaircraft units are defensive in nature. Their primary mission is to protect personnel and assets of the offensive units from aerial attacks by the enemy. Accordingly, they are generally positioned near, but behind, the front lines in areas that were very recently taken from the enemy. Typical assignments for antiaircraft units were protection of field artillery units, whose massive guns and their gun crews were very vulnerable to aerial attack, and to protect bridges, railroad lines, roads, supply depots, and other similar assets. Daddy was actually very lucky to be assigned duty in an antiaircraft artillery unit, because the likelihood of being killed or wounded was far lower than for the soldiers in offensive units. Even so, elements of Daddy’s Battalion mistakenly crossed the front lines occasionally and were forced to retreat. They were regularly subjected to shelling by German artillery, small-arms fire by German infantry, and aerial assault by the German Luftwaffe.” Copied from the book Edward Pierce Perdue in World War II by Edward Michael Perdue"

Over the last couple of years my oldest brother researched and compiled a book with Daddy's military history in it. I went on one trip with him to UGA to do some research. It is amazing how much we didn't know about Daddy's service. He never really wanted to talk about it - other than to tell us the funny stories. This is just a small excerpt from that book.

The photos are of my daddy and the men he led during WWII. From left to right: 1st photo - the black arrow is pointed at Daddy - he's squatting. 2nd photo - The "right here" arrow in pointing down at Daddy - hands on hips. 3rd photo - The orange "here" photo is pointing up at Daddy - squatting in middle.

The "x" border at the bottom is punched. The black/tan border is washi tape. The green border on page 2 is a sticker. The map paper is by Cocoa Vanilla Studios Legendary collection. The little green army men are brads. The map print arrows in the title were placed and then I outlined them with a black pen. Thanks so much for taking time to stop and look :)