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Journaling reads: "When we first learned of Jerry’s possible blockages, we were blessed to be sent to Dr. Brian Remington, one of the top cardiologists in the area. After the first look at Jerry’s blockages, Dr. Remington drew this diagram (on our Chick Fil A box) and tried to explain things to all of us. He told us that he didn’t do the actual surgeries anymore, but we would be in good hands with his partner, Dr. Bill Knopf. After the surgery, both doctors came back and told us that when they got in there they realized that Jerry would need three stents instead of two. He had two 99% and one 95% blockage. The next morning Dr. Remington told Jerry that it was a miracle that he was alive with those blockages, all in his LAD artery, otherwise known as the widow maker. I think we experienced a couple of miracles during that time: God’s protection over Jerry, the advanced modern medical procedures and being sent to a doctor whom God could use to bring about this miracle. "

When I first starting working on this page and was trying to come up with a catchy title, all I could think of was "the Miracle Man". Then, I remembered a book that I have that's by Fannie Flagg. It's called "Daisy Fay and the Miracle Man". And, since "Daisy Fay" and "JJK" (Jerry's initials) sort of rhyme... well, there you go! LOL!

All the products for this page are really old pps and stickers. The "feeling better" tag shows the pic of Jerry shortly before he was dismissed from the hospital. The top photo on the opposite side show Jerry before surgery and the bottom shows him right after surgery. When Dr. Remington came in to tell us what they thought was going on, he was looking for something to draw on. The only thing we had in the room turned out to be our Chick-fil-a drink holder - so that's what he used. I cut out his drawing and saved it to use here. The "Doctor" was made mostly of stickers. I made the head from a headshot photo that I found online of Dr. Remington. All in all, a very simple page. Thanks for taking time to stop in and look :)