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"My name is Hercule Poirot, and I am probably the greatest detective in the world."

Hercule Poirot (David Suchet) is a fictional Belgian detective created by British writer Agatha Christie. Poirot is one of Christie's most famous
and long-running characters, appearing in 33 novels, two plays, and more than 50 short stories published between 1920 and 1975.
I just love his his movies and TV Shows - Currently watching on BritBox (television Network - Prime) - all 13 seasons of Poirot and loving it.
Here's my fun, very classy scrapbook of Poirot created with my own creative imagination. LOL -
"He cracks me up!"

- Poirot Pictures - Net - Photos re-done with Improver filter for better resolution by me
- Papers, embellishments, effects all by me.

"I do not need to bend and measure the footprints and pick up the cigarette ends and examine the
bent blades of grass. It is enough for me to sit back in my chair and think."

"It is the brain, the little gray cells on which one must rely. One must seek the truth within--not without." ~ Poirot

Scrappin' for fun and for the admiration of "POIROT"