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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Zen & The Art of Nutcrackers by Maya de Groot
Art Dolls No. 3 by Maya de Groot

Font - KG Alphabet Regurgitation

It was Christmas 1981, and the magic of Christmas was all gone for me. I knew in advance what was in everyone of my gifts. I felt no excitement at all, and it all just felt boring. But then my sister's boyfriend came up from Stockholm, and he brought a gift for me. When I opened the gift, it was a wonderful boxed set of stationary. White fine papers with a blue flower pattern, and envelopes. All in a simple box, tied together with a blue ribbon. It was so beautiful, and it was my best gift that year, inspite the fact that I had received many of the things I had wished for. This was the only surprise that Christmas.