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Journaling reads:
I am the woman I am today because the adults in my life laid possibilities before my feet. My parents encouraged me to read and use my imagination. Daddy worked in the space industry from the time I was little until I was an adult, so my eyes have always been turned toward the stars where my imagination has flown free. Mama took us to the library, many of them, and taught me to read before I ever entered kindergarten. Mrs. Pelling and Mrs. Fowler at Richman Elementary introduced me to Mrs. Pigglewiggle, Mr. Bass, The Enormous Egg, the Hardy Boys, and Nancy Drew all before the third grade. They let me read what I was capable of - far beyond my grade level, never once discouraging my choices because they were too advanced for me. They never were - they were simply filled with possibilities!

Possibilities Collection by Karen Schulz and Linda Cunningham
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School - Fullerton Observer Year 4 #3 Mid-February 2020 page 11 Emerson Little
Old Fullerton Library now a museum - Vera Casteneda 22 Jul 2021
Hunt Branch Library OC Weekly 20 Sep 2018 Taylor Hamby courtesy Fullerton Public Library
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