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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This page is a tribute to Herold Berthy, who passed away in September at age 86. The journaling is by Bob:

"Herold Berthy was a true maverick of the modern world. He came from humble beginnings but attained a law degree and was an innovator in the transportation safety and heavy haul industries. He operated what was at one time the largest oversize escort company in America. Herold had a lifelong love of firefighting apparatus and took pride in his fire truck collection. He always helped the underdog and gave hundreds of people the chance to work without judging them. He was a good man with a good heart and the world was better with him in it. I consider an honor to have called him a friend."

I made a pocket to hold some of the items Herold gave his clients over the years. There is an Oversize Load key chain that everyone wanted, a Vote for Herold SPAAMFAA (an organization of fire enthusiasts) Vice President emery board and more.

The picture is from the 4th of July parade some 5 years ago when Herold let us ride with him in the front of an antique firetruck. In the back were many kids-children of folks he helped throughout his life.