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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

We traveled to Newark a few days after Chris' 29th birthday. He's lived and worked there two months now and likes to take us to some places he's discovered and others he thinks we all might enjoy. One of the neat places he took us was on the Upper Chesapeake Bay in a little tourist town called North East. The sun was out and we walked in the park and the many shops. We enjoyed coffee and donuts on a picnic table outside the bakery.

At Chris' apartment, Bob helped him put together a bookcase. Hank the Labrador gave us both lots of love. Chris smiled as he watched Hank lay across my lap to lick Bob's hand.

Back home on Valentine's Day, Bob and I exchanged Valentines and a floral tribute. The day after he placed a sweet note by the flowers, announcing "love was in the air".

I sewed a pocket on the page to enclose the Valentines. The ephemera and frame were removed from the card he gave me.