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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

My SIL just recently asked me to scrap her wedding bouquet from Nov 6, 2004. Well being that these dried flowers are 18 years old this turned into one of the most challenging and frustrating projects I have ever done. The flowers were just so old, discolored, brittle and delicate they were just way too difficult to work with, I almost gave up because every idea I had failed and redone a few times. This isn't even the first original page I finished, I tore that one apart and started from scratch. Hairspray is supposed to work on dried flowers to help persevere them, but that didn't happen for these flowers because they were just too fragile from age, so the power behind each spray made them fall apart into pieces. I used glue spray once I placed them onto the page to try to help them stay together, but even that didn't work 100%. The petals are barely holding on to each other, so they probably won't stay glued to the page.

I edited the photo to more of a sepia, black/white color because the original was so bright and pastel, it just didn't match the discolored flowers at all. So that is the reason behind the brown/yellow color combo for this page...I just went with what the flowers were giving me because painting them to their original pastel colors weren't possible. I plan to make another page with the original photo as an "I am sorry this one turned out so yucky" page so there is at least something worth hanging up hahaha.

*Note: for all future dried up floral projects, do them before they are decades too old. LOL

Thank you Pat for the edge punch I used around this page.