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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I used Shimmer Cardstock by Recollections but you cant see that. I had watched a video a few days ago on how to melt a thick pile of embossing powder in between sheets of parchment paper to get a thick piece of the Combined colors that can be peeled off with a spatula then used on a card. Well, I tried freezer paper and it didnt work at all. Then I used foil and the results looked, similar to that on the video. The video showed how the powder can be melted with a heat gun or an iron. I used my heat gun while pressing down on the foil with my metal spatula. I think this will also work better with smooth foil. Mine was wrinkled. Be careful the foil stays hot for quite a while. Lift one side of the foil before the melted powder gets cooled off. My results looked similar to the video but mine just wasnt as thick and my foil was wrinkled so as I peeled it with my metal spatula it broke into several sections. Oh well. The lady on the video glued her whole melted powder results to her card but I placed my 3 largest sections onto the paper to be used for my card then I put the heat to it again. I also added just a tiny bit of silver glitter powder at this time. It nicely adhered to the paper but I was mesmerized by the melting and the resulting holes from too much heat so I actually heated it waay too much! Stop Ro! Once this was cooled my paper was quite warped. So I strategically added more heat to the paper and not so much to the melted powder. I still had to use lots of glue on the back of that paper and apply it to a heavier paper to get it somewhat flatter and straighter. Its not too bad now on the finished card. Then I stamped, colored and hand cut out the otters. I used colored pencils and I used some 3D foam under them for dimension. You can see that I had added the ribbon/bow before all the paper layers were glued together. I used the same powders for the sentiment as I did for the 'water'. My melted powder 'water' isnt quite right, but I had to use it. Right? I think Ill try this technique again sometime but I dont need to be so generous with the heat just so I can watch it I didnt make a pretty envelope for this, Im going to use a plain white one from my stash. Thanks so much for all your kind comments and friendly messages :o)Ro