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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I had my gastric bypass surgery on April 14,2021. I decided I would share my experience with others to maybe encourage or even make someone feel better! I'm certainly not an expert by no means however, my journey has been a long one. Anyone that knows me knows Ive struggled with my weight for sometime. I never considered surgery never wanted it! But my bloodwork started coming back with not so good results ~ my weight was definitely affecting my health. I was scared! So after talking it over with John & Angela I made the decision to have the surgery. Even my doctor said I most likely would not lose weight on my own. As much as I loved WW that wasnt working anymore. So June 1, 2020 I began the journey! Yes, theres a lot to it. It was almost a year of meeting with bariatric dietitians, being weighed, zoom calls, meeting with my amazing surgeon and being scared!!!! Then the day came. My surgery was finally here! I had to stop all food 5 days beforehand and afterwords I could only have protein shakes. It amounted to 19 days total with just the shakes!!!! People have said a variety of things to me once I tell them I had bariatric surgery. Most are positive and supportive. Others feel it was a quick fix. Thats so not true. I did it to be healthy! Its a tool not a quick fix. I did it for myself and then for the love of John & Angela. John and Angie were and are my biggest fans! I love them sooo much!! I feel so much better now~I have no regrets!
I havent posted anything in a while ~ but I always would browse the beautiful creations.