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We're Celebrating World Card Making Day ALL WEEK LONG!
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I dont usually do 2-page spreads but I started one side; forgot about it for a while, found the weirdly cut scraps so started a new LO and, before I knew it, had 2 pages. My favorites were making the kimono-doll and painting the coloring book fans. Its hard to tell, but my Fine Tec metallic watercolors are SO shiny! (The tiger is because 2022 is the year of the (water) tiger.)

One Japanese tradition we are so happy to be able to keep (and not have to cook ourselves) is the special Osechi-ryori served in an o-jubako (lacquer tiered box - though the restaurant uses a high-end plastic look-alike). We were thrilled to find one of the top Japanese restaurants in DC keeps to the tradition - cooking for days and days, carefully selecting ingredients usually not found here in the US, and packing the tiers until they barely stay closed. My mom told me that everything is cooked to last at 3 days - so that one doesnt have to do any cooking/chores for the first three days of the year.

The tradition of the osechi-ryori goes back to the first century - and each little delicacy also has significance. For example, the black beans is for health, the little baby sardines are for a good harvest, the rolled egg with scalloped edges are for learning, the gold chestnuts are for prosperity, etc. This year, there were 38 different dishes in the 2 tiers.

Toshikoshi soba - The noodles are long and easily cut - symbolizing long life and letting go the regrets of the past, or so they say.

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