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Give a Cheer
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Journaling reads: We managed to avoid COVID-19 for almost a year. Then, Joshua and Nicholes kids got exposed at a jujitsu class and before we knew it, Joshua, Nichole, Jerry, Benjamin and I all had full blown cases. My case was probably the mildest of all of us. Benjamin had it a little worse than me, but not too severe. Because Joshua has psoriatic arthritis (an auto-immune disease) he was able to get the infusion to help him. Hes pictured at the right receiving that treatment. Joshua later got the vaccine (pressured at work) and later regretted it. The vaccine caused his psoriatic arthritis treatments to stop working. Hes now taking an infusion treatment every month that has not helped his pain so far. The doctors say it could take several more months for it to kick in. Nichole had a pretty severe case, but got through it. Jerry had the worst case and developed pneumonia in both lungs and had a lot of trouble with his oxygen level. I learned from a friend, who was a nurse, how to do something called cupping (pounding his back with my hand cupped) to loosen up the crud in his chest. It took all of us a month or more to get to feeling somewhat back to normal. Jerry and I suffered from extreme tiredness for several months and still dont have the energy we did beforehand. We get tested when we go to the doctor and so far we still have the antibodies and dont feel the need for the vaccine.

Sarah was a real trooper through it all. She took care of Jerry, Benjamin
and me. She kept us supplied with soups andcrackers and even got a
card and flowers to
cheer us up.

*** Update on Joshua - this page was done several months ago and he has now been taken off the infusion because they weren't working. He has now been put on a drug that is used for cancer treatments and feels really bad for a couple of days after taking the shot. It is a much lower dosage than cancer patients get, but he still gets very nauseated and could possibly lose his hair (what little he has). Please say a prayer for him that something will help him soon. It breaks my heart that he is going through this and he was doing so well before the vaccine...

Sarah never caught COVID even after taking care of all of us. She worked at the same place as Joshua and was also pressured to take the vaccine or possibly lose her job. She took it under protest and has now left that job. This virus has wreaked havoc on so many people's lives...

Sorry for the rant...

Thanks so much for stopping by :)

P.S. I did find the typo in the journaling and it has been fixed, just too lazy to take another pic :)