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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

I lifted this design from a magazine. The one shown in there was, of course, way more beautiful.
I used a scrap piece for the white & red oval pieces
A piece of vellum
It said a piece of heavyweight acetate
I don't have any, so I thought. so, I was rotter rooting around my studio looking in low and high places
I found a small stash of page protectors, and that was perfect! Yeah, for our stash!
Used one flower and one leaf stamped on the vellum
I've had since the last century, stamped with WOW Embossing inkpad followed with ultrafine white embossing powder
Then I used my heat gun and being really careful not to burn the vellum I stamped the image on the vellum
Which I did on my first try, had to start it over, then I forgot to put the embossing ink on it, couldn't figure out why it would come up (hey be gentle with me, I can't help if I am a bonehead at times)
Next, I stamped the image on the white oval, added white embossing powder and used the heat gun to set it.
So, as they say, my third time was a charm, the image came out good
Used my pastel Ohuhu markers to color the design on the white oval
Wrapped the vellum over the acetate, cut to the same size
Found a case with many different color sequins and put some randomly all over the front vellum
I have to say to everyone, entering all of the detail of these products used on this card is really irritating to me. It is taking longer than making the card. If anyone would like better detailed instructions, please leave me a comment.
Thanks to some of my faithful friends that read the Project Description to the very end. I drove myself in writing this, so I can only image how they must feel! Thanks everyone!