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After years of dreaming, saving, and planning, Lauren is off to follow her dream of long-term, open-ended travel. She bought a one-way ticket to Europe (starting her adventures in Rome, Italy) with plans to see where the winds take her and backpack across Europe and beyond. When will she be back? No one, including her, knows. Where will she go? What will she see? What will she do? Who will she meet? I wait with bated breath to hear about her adventures. Scott and I could not be more proud and excited for her. She is an amazing, strong, competent young woman who is going to take the world by storm.

#SoloFemaleTravel #BackPacking #LongTermTravel #DreamComeTrue

Credits: Katie Pertiet Designs:
Filmstrip Frames 01, Travel wood word from Mapping Adventures LT 04, Mapped Frames 01, Taped Together Photo Frames 03, Taped Together Stacks Fall 01, Traveler Maps Paper Pack 01, Vintage Mini Mix Kit 08, Vintage Traveler Bits and Pieces, Vintage Traveler Little Stickers 02, Vintage Taped Sentiments 02, Enveloped Frames 04, Far and Away Element Pack