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Journaling reads: I had another doctor's appointment this week! The heartbeat was still going pretty fast- 160 bpm. I go back at 17 weeks for the quad screen if I decide to have it, and from there we can schedule my ultrasound! I'm very excited about that, and I hope baby cooperates and lets us see the little parts!

I think I have my final names picked out, but I haven't raised them to Luke yet. I'm waiting until after the ultrasound so I only have to tell him one (hopefully!). For a boy, I heard Jeremiah and really liked it, so it would be Jeremiah Austin, with possible nicknames of Jeremy or Miah. For a girl, I heard Yesenia and LOVED it. It was one of those names that just completely hits you- the only other name that's done that was Svetlana, and we all know how that turned out! For a middle name, I'll take Jade from the first name, since Alia doesn't flow very well with Yesenia. Possible nicknames would be Nia, or Senia (which I love!).

As for physical stuff, my pregnancy acne has gotten a lot better, and the "pink toothbrush" (from bleeding gums) has started.