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This is for the 14 sketches plus Twist (I SPY). Match the doll with country. Click on pic to enlarge...then run your mouse over the bottom right corner for the magnify arrow. I got the Senorita in Madrid on my 12th birthday. The Peddler doll is hand-carved (just below Raggedy Ann/Andy). And below my Toni doll is my grandmother's childhood shoes (appx 1892) filled w/tiny dolls. The Dutch doll is a real toy, complete with rattle in the head & wooden shoes. The pioneer handkerchief doll uses a walnut for the head. The cowboy is made of crushed pecan shells. The Indian story-teller is grandpa's role. My Kansas doll is made of wheat, and Belgium is known for it's lace. I only have 1 Eff&bee doll that's registered. We got the Haitian carved dolls on our honeymoon cruise. [If there is any specific interest, I will come back later with all the answers.]