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I am a diehard paper scrapbooker -- and in the long term, I don't see that permanently changing. However, at the moment, I am messing around with digital scrapbooking for a couple of important reasons. 1) I want to see if I can speed up my crafting process -- in particular, I'm hoping to get faster on the journaling; and 2) Most of my paper craft supplies are packed up in boxes for moving.

Here you can see one of my first efforts at digital scrapbooking. I took a couple of digital scrapbooking templates by Katie Pertiet Designs and tried using them together to scrap a random placeholder photo my husband took of me while we were out taking our daily hike.

This is not really the ideal picture to use in this template, but I like this enough to go with it for now. I intend to try improving on it later, before I actually commit to printing anything. At this point, Im just messing around with stuff to get a better handle on how this whole digital scrapbooking thing works.

The template does do an amazing job of hiding a few weird things that were happening in this picture. The goofiest thing: In the actual landscape where this photo was taken, theres a waterfall right at my feet. The rock I was posed on was so slippery that I was afraid Id lose my Birkenstocks, so I kicked them off. Then I almost fell in the water trying to perch on the moss-covered rock with no shoes on.

You cant see my bare feet (a plus), but on the other hand, you also cant see the waterfall. And the waterfall was the whole point of posing in that particular spot. *sigh*

My husband and I will revisit this spot again soon. In the meanwhile, I am glad not to have fallen in the water to get this shot!

Thanks for taking a look at my project. I appreciate your interest!