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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

Harrison decided to join the Tim Holtz "Hoopla" woodgrain craze.

In honor of the passage of the Big Cat Safety Act (2/3 House bipartisan in July, and *unanimous* Senate vote this week, and now on to President Biden for signature which he pledged earlier this year), I decided to make a gift set of cards featuring Harrison.

The Big Cat Safety Act puts an end to the abusive cub petting for profit practices, prohibits public contact with big cats, prohibits private ownership of big cats, and aims to put a stop to illegal trade and breeding of big cats in the US. Current owners are allowed to keep existing big cats as long as they register the animals with the US Fish and Wildlife Service, but are prohibited from breeding or trading or acquiring more, and must provide proper care for the animals.

Did you know snippet: There are no true white lions or tigers in the wild, they would not survive. White tigers and lions are the result of severe inbreeding practices while in captivity (generally for profit purposes only), which leave the animals with multiple health problems and short lives and cannot be released into the wild.

Stampin' Up! Petal Pink cardstock and Craft Consortium "Tell the Bees" patterned paper used.