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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

This is my version of Becky Fleck's Jan. 07 sketch www.pagemaps.com .
I forgot I had these photos until last weekend. The photo on top is me at age 3 and the one on the donkey is me at age 6.
The journaling reads:
When I stumbled across these pictures I called mom and we laughed at the irony of my first horse & donkey photos. Mom said that I loved that spring riding horse so much that it was the only toy she didn't make me share. I guess I would scream if anyone got on my horse without my permission and, according to mom, very few people were given this honor! Mom couldn't recall much about the donkey picture other than it was at a theme park in Florida. That's my sister, Cindie, on the donkey behind me. I look so happy in both pictures because I love equines so much!