Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

For several years now, I have been collecting odd/funny things my youngest (who is almost 18) says and putting them on a page at the end of the year. They also often get shared on social media with family and friends. These pages always end up really chaotic with a lot going on. This spread is two 12x12 pages with a fold-out strip on the right (I have some leftover page protectors from years ago that have a 3-1/2 fold-out flap). The right most column of quotes are on one side of that flap, the next column of quotes on on the other side and when it is folded open makes an extension of the right 12x12 page. The title Thats Not the Point (of This Story) is something she tells me a lot when sharing her experiences with me. And the Dont screw this up, Mom, was something she said while I was actually drilling/screwing together the project in the photo. Me using power tools makes her really nervous for some reason. I do realize how blessed I am to have a teen that readily shares her life outside of our family with me.