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Give a Cheer
Give cheer Give a Cheer

MY WINTER SWEATER LION SKETCH FRAMED: Framed - Drawn by pencil all by me. I made sure that this little one is not cold on this cold Winter day! Hehe

Digitally improved with filters & textures done in Illustrator 2022 afterwards. Let me know what you think? *Created this for an art challenge.*
Thanks in advance for any comments/favoriting. Have a g'day.

- Drawn by pencil - using somewhat references to lion photos just I used my imagination by dressing him up in a sweater. LOL
- Created in Illustrator 2022 for improvement with filters & smoothness
- Frame created in FrameMaster
- Whole Design Art Combined - Put together in PictureIt with Shadows

Drawin' & Creating for fun & love of "DRAWING & DIGITAL PAINTING 2023 "